Free Online Education – Do They Really Exist?

The cost of a higher education is outrageous these days. The price of going to college is so steep that thousands are unable to go because they cannot afford it. Even if people can afford to go to college many are not because they do not see the point in spending all the money to continue education but they should reconsider. Many of the universities and colleges are now offering a free online education sample to try and encourage kids to get online degrees.

Now, just because a college is offering a free online education sample does not mean that they are offering free online degrees. The colleges are offering a free sample to get your attention and to see if you like it and if you do then you have to pay tuition fees to continue taking online classes. Here are some colleges and universities that offer free online courses:

-Eagle Forum University- This university offers a basic free online education about the American government and it’s history. These courses are great for anyone who wants a brief history of the US.

-The University Of Washington- This university probably has the best online education you can access for free. They have a program called UW Educational Outreach which is a program that tries to get as many kids to pursue a college education as possible. The reason this is the best online education for free is because it covers a wide variety of courses from World War II to HTML basics. If you are debating about going to a college, try out this online education and you will most likely be convinced to further your education at one of the colleges.

-Lancaster University- If you are interested in computers this British University is offering online courses, for free, on basic computer language and web authoring subjects. If you want to get into the world of the internet go to this universities site.

-Brigham Young University- The final university also offers a wide variety of subjects that you are able to take online for free. Some of the topics you could take are family history, religious scripture study (covering the Mormon religion), and family life. These are just some of the basic free online courses you are able to take.

The thing you need to know before pursuing a free online education is that the courses do not count as credit and they do not count as courses you can use as part of a degree. The courses are meant to attract you to go to college which they will do if you take them.

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